To all the men I’ve shown the door

To all the dicks I’ve mocked before

You couldn’t make cum

And all your words were dumb

To all the men I’ve shown the door

To all the head I gave too soon

From Mid-December to the month of June

Wish I could take it back

Your oral skills, they lack

You did not deserve my mouth on you

These losers, they keep crawling back

Except the one who turned out gay

I wish that they could understand

They need to go the fuck away…

But there they are in my DMs

With fondness for me I just don’t get

But they do not understand

I’d rather use my hand

Than let them near my vag again

To all the men who lied to me

They claimed nine inches when only three

But when I used dildos

To fill neglected holes

They pouted and got mad at me…

(What’s wrong with MY dick???)

These assholes, they keep craaaaawling back

Even one who said he’s gay

I want to throw you off a cliff

Why won’t you fucking go away?

To all the men I’ve shown the door

To those who left me wanting more

My girlfriend showed you up

She more than filled me up

While we listened to you snore

You come too fast, you suck at this

And there’s a reason I am writing this

Please understand we’re through

No matter what you do

To all the men I’ve shown…the door