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It’s the year of our scrumptious, buttery lord 2023, and all around us, you might notice that men are somehow still “the default.”

In language, in professions, in everything.

Most men and even many women (we’ve been programmed, kids) don’t even see it. It’s so goddamn ingrained into our every day, and that’s by design.

The word “History,” is derived from the Greek ἱστορία (“historia”) and the word isn’t inherently masculine; in fact, the word itself is grammatically feminine.

But you wouldn’t know it from the shrieking misogynists who, when they see women trying to take control of our narrative and highlight our accomplishments with a play on words, will loudly crow that “It’s HIStory, not HERstory!” Men like this are often very loud about their ignorance, especially when their status as “the default” is challenged. As are the women who believe they benefit from this. As time goes on, we have learned that a lot of “history” is fabricated bullshit to paint men, especially those of a certain hue, as the heroes. And most history recorded over the centuries was by men. Very pale men.

“Look at all the great things we did!”

Let’s set aside, for just a minute anyway, the fact that very white, very male supremacy has infiltrated not just history books, but our school’s textbooks and so much of the “harmless” children’s programming that was fed to us and, in turn, to our children. That’s a whole ‘nother mess.

Excluded from so many stories that highlight barely adequate men throughout history are the women who were accomplishing amazing things with little to none of the credit.

The women that we’ve discounted as merely a “pretty face.”

Or who were painted as villains in stories when it’s likely that wasn’t even remotely the case.

Or the women we’ve disregarded altogether.

These badass bitches deserve to have their stories told – their real stories, not just the gratuitous headlines or justifications for their omission.

And we deserve the opportunity to get to know them better. Brief Biographies of Badass Bitches does just that. Volume I is now available for purchase in all formats including paperback, hardcover, and eBook.


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