So, with the relaunch of my website in a whole new shiny format, the spot where I’ve randomly put blog posts, recipes, ridiculous versions of songs you know and may or may not love (WHO, BESIDES B-SHAP, DOESN’T LOVE W.A.P.? I mean come on…) is now the HEY, LATEST NEWS spot.

Sometimes that “latest news” will still be a fucking recipe. I’m going to tell you about my epic solo journey to the summit of Mount Everest that I made while riding a goat and wearing a tutu as well as my entire childhood and more before giving you a recipe for clam chowder because that’s what I’ve been told people like.

Just kidding, fuck that.


This is where news will be. Which is why it’s nested under the heading of “News.”

But you can read the other bullshit, too. Some of the pictures didn’t port over. I’ll fix those eventually. While on goatback.

It’s a large goat, ok?